Monday, March 6, 2017

Disney Tsum Tsum ( My Day Out on 6 March 2017 )

Hi Guys,

It Been a long time since i went out to walk walk already.

1st i meet my friend at Plaza Singapura (Dhoby Ghaut) starbucks, well ~~ she having her yoga at Dhoby Ghaut. So we went to Let's Meat Up at B1-08 to have our lunch there.

Know her when i was working in CK Tangs (Stussy) she is just right beside my department she is from taiwan, people will always say eeeee why u went out with a aunty but i think its okay because the most important is she is nice and caring because it will be very hard to met someone that is good. But when i went out with her i just take it as she is just like my elder sister. 

Lets move on to (My Day Out on 6 March 2017) story, so today i saw Disney Tsum Tsum Plaza Singapura. There is also shoppers can watch Tsum Tsums spring to life when the clock tower strikes Tsum o’clock on the hour at Plaza Singapura, but sad i don't get to watch the Disney Tsum Tsum spring to life because i went off early.

They are also having Disney Tsum Tsum sticker names machine for us, and its only at $2 SGD that is cheap and cute!!! I Love It so much hehe.

I even buy my cute Mickey Mouse Disney Tsum Tsum keychain for myself.

Next we walk all the way to 313 Somerset wanted to try Pompompurin Cafe but end up we did not so i just take an ootd with the store out side. >.<

 The last one is I went to a random Fashion shop to take a mirror photo. >.<

Thank you for reading as always!
 Appreciate your times to read my blog!

Monday, January 9, 2017


This Year is a new start in 2017 i wish everything is doing fine.

Well there is 3 more weeks to my Bangkok trip with my bf and his friends !! I am so looking forward haha 😁

There is something i will like to share with you guys Last Year i have just started with my small online shop, i wish everything is doing well and getting more customers this year. 

Actually online shop is my first goals, i know is not easy from the start but things have to be step by step to be successful.

You guys may support me or help me advertise, i will be very very appreciated for the help.

INSTAGRAMClick here @shop.nooca
CAROUSELLClick here @shop.nooca
FACEBOOK : Click here @shop.nooca

Oh and soon i gonna set up my own online website so will be easy to purchase online. 😋


Thank you for reading as always!
 Appreciate your times to read my blog!