Monday, January 9, 2017


This Year is a new start in 2017 i wish everything is doing fine.

Well there is 3 more weeks to my Bangkok trip with my bf and his friends !! I am so looking forward haha 😁

There is something i will like to share with you guys Last Year i have just started with my small online shop, i wish everything is doing well and getting more customers this year. 

Actually online shop is my first goals, i know is not easy from the start but things have to be step by step to be successful.

You guys may support me or help me advertise, i will be very very appreciated for the help.

INSTAGRAMClick here @shop.nooca
CAROUSELLClick here @shop.nooca
FACEBOOK : Click here @shop.nooca

Oh and soon i gonna set up my own online website so will be easy to purchase online. 😋


Thank you for reading as always!
 Appreciate your times to read my blog!

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