Saturday, February 20, 2016


The Everest Tee i am wearing from Dawn and Dusk, It's their 1st design launch on their website.
Is my 1st time purchase at Dawn and Dusk, I am surprise that i feel comfortable after wearing and the size is just nice for me as i bought XXS, Take note not to purchase the same size as you usually wear, purchase one size smaller.
Their design of Everest Tee meaning "Constant reminder that even the highest mountains are salable and that we should always strive to do our best in what we do." Said on their website.
They even have been to ITE College Central before on the 2 Feb which is over right now.
Continue reading my story, the next things which i will show you some of the picture, because not just front view of the design there is back view design too.

Back View of the design

The meaning of design i have wrote at the 1st start of my post that you have read.

Purchase Your Dawn and Dusk Tee Click Here

Free Shipping for over $40SGD which you can share with your friend if you are gonna Purchase one.
Reminder again : The sizes of the shirts are meant to be loose and larger than usual to accommodate comfortability in any situation. So, to avoid unexpectedly receiving a shirt larger than your size, you should order a shirt one size smaller.

 Everest Tee come with Black and White.
Size come with XXS - XL


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