Friday, March 4, 2016


This is the 1st time i am trying Philosophy Skin Care.
How do i get to know about Philosophy? Last Year 2015 December i went to Thailand, if you guys have follow my Instagram (cwwy) or Snapchat (cwwy) should be know that i went to Thailand last year.

As i was Walking at the streets with my BFF, there is one group of Thailand lady's which are promoting the Philosophy Skin Care,When i walk pass they give one of the Philosophy Face cleanser sampler for me.

So i was looking at it and my BFF told me this brand are selling in Singapore too and is very expensive in Singapore. 

So after i went back to Singapore, I show it to my elder sister and she said " I WANT "
So is okay to give it to her because i don't think i will try it too. But after she try it about few days? or even one week? I not very sure? One day she show me what she bought, guess what i saw ??
She bought the big bottle of the face cleanser ( Purity made simple one-step facial cleanser )
and there is a small bottle of moisturizer jar ( Renewed hope in a jar ) she give it to me as my skin are always super super super dry ~~~ The feeling of the dryness is like OMG feel like very tighten & irritating. After i am about to finish the small bottle, My face have become more smoother and not that dry.

So i take a research and see where could i buy it i have also ask my sister where is the shop,
They don't have any shop in Singapore they only sell it at Sephora. The Renewed hope in a jar come with one size just 60ml, Cost me $62 ++ .

Don't turn off yet i am showing you some of my photo with Renewed hope in a jar.
And there is a video of my small & big Renewed hope in a jar.


 Thank you for reading as always!
 Appreciate your times to read my blog!

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